Cryogen is a world-leading innovator in the cold economy.  We use cryogenics to deliver energy efficient, sustainable and non-polluting liquid energy solutions.

A fundamental rethink of how society meets its energy needs will need to take place to combat climate change.  Liquid energy is the answer and Cryogen has the technology to make it viable.

The Cryogen process consists of proven technologies that allow us to perform the liquefaction and separation of gases more economically and in a more environmentally friendly manner than traditionally.

The Cryogen process and its end-products are applicable to a wide range of industries ranging from food packaging to aerospace.  Cryogen can deliver these solutions economically and sustainably.

Cryogen is driven by a steadfast commitment to improving the global environment.  The Cryogen process reflects this commitment and has been engineered to be non-polluting and environmentally friendly.