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Game-Changing Cryogenic Environmental Solutions

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About Us

Cryogen Environmental

Game-Changing Cryogenic Environmental Solutions

About Us

About Cryogen

Founded in 2018, Cryogen is an international start-up based in Canada.  We are pioneers in the cold economy, using our proprietary Cryogen Process to provide Climate Change Solutions, Clean Energy Alternatives, Carbon Capture and Liquid Energy Battery Storage.

Our patented technology makes extensive use of Cryogenic Energy Vectors to provide unrivalled efficiency benefits and unmatched flexibility compared to conventional technology.

We specialize in the design, fabrication, deployment and operation of our Cryogenic Environmental Solutions across a wide range of traditional and developing energy sectors


The amount of polluting emissions generated by the core Cryogen Process

Up to 50%

The decrease in Energy Use, Capex and Product Cost enabled by The Cryogen Process


The number of currently operational plants using The Cryogen Process

The Future. Engineered By Cryogen

At Cryogen, preserving our planet is at the centre of everything we do. We’re here to deliver a sustainable and emission-free society made possible by Cryogenic Environmental Solutions.

And we do this by pioneering disruptive technologies that mitigate current environmental damage, enable clean energy solutions and allow society to unlock the power of the cold economy.

Global Footprint & Expertise

Globally oriented, Cryogen has an established presence on three continents, and a leadership team with technical and management experience in multiple global markets.

Our Team

Stuart C. Park – Executive Director

With a background in Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering, Stuart has taken his experience in cutting edge research, development and engineering, and applied it to delivering Cryogenic Environmental Solutions. Passionate about clean energy and climate change, he is responsible for the development of The Cryogen Process and is the driving force behind Cryogen.

Edward K.H. Ho – Director, Clean Industrial

Edward has been a fundamental driver of the development of Cryogen’s proprietary technology from its early stages.  He is committed to delivering Cryogenic Environmental Solutions powered by The Cryogen Process. Edward is a co-founder of Cryogen Energy and is responsible for identifying and developing technical applications and bringing Cryogen technology to market.

Robert M. Park – Director, Strategy

Robert has over 40 years of international management experience in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America.  Using his extensive experience leading global infrastructure organizations, Bob is a co-founder of Cryogen Energy and is responsible for the strategic planning and development of Cryogen.

M.K. Mo – Director, Engineering

M.K. Mo is a chartered thermodynamic engineer with over 40 years of cryogenic experience and is the inventor of the proprietary Cryogen technology.  He is dedicated to turning his research into practical and commercially viable solutions to help tackle climate change. M.K. Mo leads research and technology development at Cryogen.

Tomorrow’s Environmental Solutions, Today

Using The Cryogen Process, we deliver viable Cryogenic Environmental Solutions that have significant and positive real world impacts on Climate Change.

Our flexible Cryogen Process is applied in a wide variety of applications to remediate polluting emissions, harness wasted energy sources and efficiently produce sustainable air products. 

By integrating the full end to end delivery of our Cryogenic Environmental Solutions, we are able to deploy tailored solutions quickly and effectively while maintaining the pillars of quality and innovation on which Cryogen is built.