Cryogen Energy
Cryogen Energy


Separate & Capture up to 90% of GHG Emissions



Mixed-Gas Separation Power Consumption  Reduced by 50%



Patented Separation System Increases Efficiency by 30%



Designed by CryoGen

Patented technology tailored to each project by the engineers who know it best



Built by CryoGen

Fabricated to our exacting standards to ensure quality and safety


Operated by CryoGen

Operated by our system specialists to ensure maximum possible efficiency and reliability


Tomorrow’s Environmental Solutions, Today

CryoGen is a world-leading innovator in the cold economy.  We use cryogenics to deliver energy efficient, sustainable and non-polluting liquid energy solutions.

The CryoGen process consists of patented cryogenic technologies that liquefy and separate gases with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

We pioneer the cold energy revolution through varied applications of the CryoGen process to reduce emissions, costs and reliance on conventional energy solutions.