Our Mission

Our Vision

  • To be a leader in the development, application and deployment of cutting-edge technology in the field of cryogenic energy.
  • To be a key player in the sustainable energy spectrum, contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduced carbon footprint
  • To provide inert and safe new fuels, and secure off-peak sustainable energy storage
  • To be a key technology provider to the Cold Economy and an innovator for new energy production and storage
  • To embraces an equitable and ethical business model with people, relationships and sustainability at the core of our philosophy

Our Structure

  • Cryogenic Energy Group (CEG) is the corporate holding entity for all CryoGen companies and operations.
  • CEG is based in London, UK and operates internationally through regional, sectorial and project subsidiaries within the full spectrum of the Cold Economy
  • Technology patents reside in CEG and are applied through subsidiaries and partnerships by way of technical support arrangements appropriate to particular applications
  • Cryogenic Energy Solutions (CES) is the primary operating subsidiary of CEG which delivers solutions and technology to operating units
  • Simplified organisation chart

Future Development

  • CryoGen is committed to developing a presence in various focus market sectors and regions in Europe and North America.
  • Focussing on key technology applications Cryogen will seek to exploit specific market opportunities which bring value added benefit to the company profile and offering
  • Target countries for development include United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Canada
  • Cryogen’s corporate focus on sustainably and the environment complements and contributes to world carbon reduction targets under the Paris Agreement

Meet the Team

  • CryoGen management team comprises internationally experienced executives from complementary backgrounds who have worked together over 30 years
  • CryoGen management share a common vision to deliver sustainable environmental solutions across all of CryoGen’s technologies and operations
  • All of the CryoGen senior management team are risk shareholders in the business, committed and dedicated to it’s success

Robert is a Chartered Engineer, a graduate of University of Strathclyde in UK, with 30 years’ experience in international corporate management in Europe, Middle and Far East and North America

Robert MacDonald Park


Edward Ho


Edward is an engineer by background with 20 years’ experience in the power industry and the cryogenic energy sector

Simon Szeto


  • CryoGen patented technology support comes from the original inventors and developers  of the CryoGen technology,

Mr. Mo

Executive Technical Advisor

Mr. Mo is the “father” of the technology and lead expert of it’s development for over 20 years. Mr Mo is Thermodynamics Engineer, a graduate of Tianjin University in China, with over 40 years’ experience in the cryogenic and liquified gas sector

Mr. Shu

Senior Technical Advisor

Mr. Shu is the primary technology process designer. A graduate of Tianjin University in China and a Director of the Tianjin Design Institute, he has 30 years’ experience in the petrochemical design sector.