Endless Applications and Contributions

The power of The Cryogen Process is in its flexibility, scalability and adaptability.  These traits allow us to develop tailored Cryogenic Environmental Solutions for a wide range of applications, all while maintaining the same levels of efficiency.

The Cryogen Process and The Cryogen Cold Chain has been shown to be viable for applications in the following areas, but we aren’t stopping there.  Our engineers are continually working to find other industries which would benefit from the innovative Cryogenic Environmental Solutions made possible by the Cryogen Process.

Wasted Cryogenic Energy Recycling

Liquid Energy Vector Production

Liquid Air Production

Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon Production

LNG Re-Gasification Energy Capture

Cryogenic Energy Storage Batteries

Flare Gas Capture and Remediation

Shale/Coal Bed Methane Emissions

Abandoned Well-Head Emissions

Unproductive Well-Head Emissions

Biogas Emissions

Landfill Emissions

Blue Hydrogen Production from Remediated Industrial Gases

Steel Furnace Emissions

Petrochemical Plant Emissions

Cryogenic Energy Vector Solutions

Food Preservation

Medical Procedures & Equipment

Inert Protection Gases

Commercial Coolants

Fire Suppresion

Liquid and Enriched Oxygen

Aerospace Fuels

Steel & Iron Production

Paper & Plastic Production

Waste-Water Treatment

Other Applications

Cold Cycle Carbon Capture & Storage

Cryogenic Energy Storage Battery

Cryogenic Energy Transportation

Scientific Research