Carbon Capture. Powered by Hot and Cold

Carbon emissions will remain for years to come, but climate change doesn’t have years to wait.  That’s why we need solutions today to deal with carbon emissions from a range of industries.  At Cryogen, we deploy The Cryogen Process in combination with Waste Heat Generation Systems to deal with a range of carbon emission sources.

In doing so, we create hybrid solutions that make use of both heat and cold energy to capture carbon, prevent nitrous oxide emissions and create useful products in the process.

Wasted Heat. Wasted Opportunity.

By first passing the captured emissions through a waste heat generation system, the significant residual heat of the emissions is captured and put towards generating electricity.

This not only aids The Cryogen Process in removing residual heat prior to liquifying the emissions, but also converts the typically wasted heat energy of the emissions into useful electricity.



Yesterday’s Emissions. Tomorrow’s Products

After the waste heat generation system, the cooled emissions are processed by The Cryogen Process to be separated into their constituent parts.  In doing so, The Cryogen Process enables viable and pollution-free carbon/nitrous oxide capture and carbon storage solutions, preventing the release of harmful pollutants into the environment.  

Best of all, valuable liquid products such as oxygen and nitrogen are created by The Cryogen Process at the same time, providing a significant added benefit to Cryogen’s innovative carbon/nitrous oxide capture solutions.

Creating valuable and viable cryogenic environmental solutions, that’s what The Cryogen Process is all about.