• Low carbon footprint
  • Minimal GHG omissions
  • Reduced downstream emissions

Low Energy Consumption

  • Significant energy reduction in production
  • Power generation from LAP fuels

Waste Energy Utilised

  • Waste energy from LNG re-gasification
  • Flare gas turned into commercial products
  • Small scale biogas applications

Low GHG Emissions

  • Significant reduction of emissions in LAP production
  • Reduced downstream emissions
  • Inert and carbon free

Carbon Credit

  • Significant carbon credit potential
  • Offsets available to counter other industry processes

Fuels of the Future

  • Liquid Nitrogen – LN2
  • Liquid Air – Lair
  • Zero downstream omissions
  • Replacement refrigerant in transportation network

Inert & Safe

  • Inert fuels
  • Safe transportation
  • Reduced GHG emissions
  • Replaces pipeline networks