Fuel of the Future

As the world looks to decarbonize, hydrogen has emerged as a next generation fuel source capable of revolutionizing the way we power transportation.  Its high energy capacity and negligible emissions when reacting to produce electricity results makes it ideally suited to replacing our reliance on fossil fuels.

The Cryogen Process uses its revolutionary efficiency in gas separation and liquification to enable the storage and transportation of hydrogen, taking us one step closer to the viability of fossil fuel replacement by hydrogen.

Liquid Hydrogen Made Efficient

Storing and transporting hydrogen in its liquid form is crucial in enabling a viable hydrogen chain from production to end-user.  But current methods of liquifying hydrogen rely on inefficient mechanical compression techniques.

The Cryogen Process changes the game.  By utilizing its unique cryogenic inputs and internal circulating systems, The Cryogen Process is able to liquify hydrogen at a fraction of the energy and pollution cost of traditional processes, bringing commercially viable storage and transportation of hydrogen a big step closer to reality.


The Cryogen Process. Customized for Hydrogen

The unique flexibility of The Cryogen Process is leveraged to deliver a tailored process just for hydrogen.  By modifying the configuration of the internal cryogenic cycles and integrating neon into the core of The Cryogen Process, a customized solution is created to maximize efficiency in liquifying hydrogen.

The result is a Cryogen Process which is optimized for hydrogen applications, significantly reducing the energy and pollution cost of liquifying hydrogen compared to conventional methods.