Bigger than Gas Separation

The Cryogen Process gives unrivalled gas separation performance, but it’s capable of so much more.  At Cryogen, we apply The Cryogen Process to create unique and innovative Cryogenic Environmental Solutions.

One of these solutions is the The Cryogen Cold Chain, where we recycle currently wasted cold energy sources to capture and remediate polluting emissions.  Through The Cryogen Cold Chain, The Cryogen Process transforms from an efficient producer of air products into a game-changing tool in the fight against climate change.

Wasted Energy. Wasted Opportunity.

Every day, LNG import terminals around the world re-gasify millions of tonnes of LNG from ocean-going tankers.  In the process, this re-gasification releases huge amounts of valuable cold energy which is currently vented to sea and wasted.

By harnessing this re-gasification cold energy as the input Energy Vector in The Cryogen Process, we capture this currently wasted energy resource and use it to supercharge the efficiency of liquid air product generation forming Step 1 of The Cryogen Cold Chain.

Capture. Harness. Store.

The liquid air products produced in Step 1 are not only effective in their own right, they form an energy storage medium which captures and holds the cold energy originally held by LNG.

These air products act as Cryogen Batteries, allowing The Cryogen Cold Chain to harness wasted energy in one location, hold it until needed, then transport it to another location to be efficiently utilized.


Emission Remediation Made Viable

The same Cryogen Process used in Step 1 to harness LNG cold energy in air product production can be deployed to capture and remediate polluting emissions.  This time though, The Cryogen Process uses the liquid air products as the input Energy Vector.

In doing so, the capturing of LNG cold energy and remediation of emissions need not be co-located, since liquid air products are easily and safely transported.

Best of all, The Cryogen Process achieves the same industry-changing efficiency improvements regardless of whether it’s creating liquid air products, or remediating emissions.

A Revolutionary Cold Chain. Powered by Cryogen

The amazing efficiency of the Cryogen Process allows us to create The Cryogen Cold Chain.

A currently wasted cold energy resource is captured, stored until needed and deployed to capture and remediate polluting emissions.

Co-location of plants isn’t necessary, and the capture of wasted cold energy & emissions remediation processes can occur asynchronously. Best of all, The Cryogen Cold Chain is flexible, scalable and adaptable to almost any situation.  

The revolutionary Cryogen Cold Chain, powered by The Cryogen Process.