Our Process

Engineering the 21st Century Cold Age

Our company is built around The Cryogen Process, a world-first cryogenic gas separation technology.  By removing inefficient and wasteful mechanical compression from a traditional gas separation process, we dramatically increase separation efficiency and scaleability.  It’s this innovative technology that forms the basis of every Cryogenic Environmental Solution we create.

Welcome to the 21st Century Cold Age, engineered by Cryogen.

Unconventional Technology. Unrivaled Efficiency.

The foundations of The Cryogen Process are proprietary cryogenic circulation systems and heat exchanger designs that bring gas-separation processes into the 21st century.

These combine to give The Cryogen Process a 30% efficiency increase over current technology.  This means lower power consumption, fewer emissions, and a gas-separation system that’s ready to solve today’s most pressing climate challenges.

Small Scale Plants. Large Scale Savings.

By removing the mechanical compression that constrains a traditional gas-separation plant, we’ve engineered The Cryogen Process to be the most flexible system ever.

The Cryogen Process can be sized to fit the needs of any situation, from onboard road vehicles to global LNG terminals.

Best of all, the efficiency gains and emissions reductions that are the hallmark of The Cryogen Process remain constant regardless of plant size.

That’s how Cryogen provides world-leading cryogenic environmental solutions to fit the needs of any situation.

Beware! This System Contains No Moving Parts

Mechanical components are inefficient, complicated and a burden to maintain.  That’s why they’re not welcome in The Cryogen Process.

Instead, we let a External Cryogenic Energy Vector do the heavy lifting, using its own Cold Energy to drive the system.  This reduces internal temperature gradients which creates huge efficiency improvements.

Since there’s no mechanical components, there’s less to go wrong, reducing maintenance costs of The Cryogen Process and allowing its deployment in harsh and rural conditions.

Even better, there’s a long list of viable Cryogenic Energy Vectors, giving The Cryogen Process unparalleled operational flexibility.

Gas-Separation Technologies. Environment-Saving Applications.

At Cryogen, we apply the principles and core proprietary technologies of The Cryogen Process to provide economically viable solutions to the world’s most pressing climate challenges.

We don’t just deliver gas-separation technologies. We pioneer Cryogenic Environmental Solutions and the Cryogenic Economy.


Emission Capture & Separation

Cryogen’s flexible and efficient gas-separation technology means that for the first time, emissions from almost any industrial process can be captured, separated, and prevented from entering the environment.


Liquid Air Product Production

Air is a free and unlimited resource. Using the proprietary Cryogen Process, we provide sustainably-generated, commercially attractive liquid air products to end users.  The flexibility of The Cryogen Process allows us to tailor our solution to meet the exact requirements of a wide range of customers.


Enabling Alternate Fuel Vehicles

From local, small-scale generation of alternate fuels, to onboard technologies that increase the efficiency of alternate fuel vehicles, Cryogen provides well-to-wheel solutions that enable the commercial viability of alternate fuel transportation (such as Blue Hydrogen from remediated emissions).